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Dwain DeVille

WaterMark International, Inc.
Central Florida
Entrepreneur, author, and founder of WaterMark International, Inc., I’m considered Central Florida’s premier CEO Coach and serves as trusted adviser to some of today’s top entrepreneurs. For almost two decades, I’ve helped entrepreneurs in the areas of strategy, tactical planning, product development, communication, mergers and acquisitions and succession.

But after a life-threatening bout with cancer I needed to balance my personal life without sacrificing business goals. So I took a long road trip on my motorcycle to clear my head and found the answer. The result is The Biker's Guide to Business – When Business and Life Meet at the Crossroads, published by John Wiley & Sons.

Using the motorcycle as metaphor I combined lessons learned from decades in the boardroom and the saddle to create a model that will assist any entrepreneur – whether they ride or not – navigate through the challenges of building a successful business without sacrificing their personal life.

Simply put - "I'd rather ride my motorcycle thinking about my business than sit in an office thinking about my motorcycle."